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Dear ABO Customers,


We are introducing  ABO Gift Card! 


ABO Gift Card is valued 210 - 600 EUR and is valid 6 months from the day of its purchase. After 6 months period if it’s not used, the ABO Gift Card will considered expired and non refundable. 


The Gift Card receiver can use the ABO Gift Card for exchange of any pair of ABO shoes on our online shop (, valued up to 600 EUR. Please notice that the ABO Gift Card value of 210 - 600 EUR is strict and no change will be given to the Gift Card receiver if one chooses a pair that is discounted or costs less than 210 - 600 EUR. Also, we do not custom make shoes. Valid ABO Gift Card can only be exchanged for one or more pairs of ABO shoes|ABO bag.  Please notice that in order to use the Gift Card, one must follow the instructions and provide us with the Purchase number & digital ABO Gift Card. In any case of "lost" information about the purchase we will consider the exchange not possible.

After the purchase, an email will be sent to the buyer with the details of the purchase and an image of the card, which the buyer can print or forward by email. Please, check the spam folder if the email does not arrive.


How to use "ABO Gift Card"?


The ABO Gift Card receiver needs to state the Invoice number provided by the Gift Card customer, the name of the ABO Gift Card customer and forward to us the digital ABO Gift Card in order to use it. With all that info (Invoice number, name of the Gift Card customer and digital Gift card email) you need to state which ABO shoes style and size you want to exchange the gift card for (the ABO Gift Card can be exchanged only for the styles and sizes that are available on our webshop). 


Address: 10 Kneza Sime Markovica Street, Belgrade, 11000, SRB 

Phone: +381 11 3282461

Cell: +381 66 8011 684



Click here to read information on how ABO shoes processes your personal data.

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